Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation

Jeremy Bentham

Chapter VII, Footnote #04
Transitive/intransitive distinction

The distinction is well known to the latter grammarians: it is with them indeed that it took its rise: though by them it has been applied rather to the names than to the things themselves. To verbs, signifying transitive acts, as here described, they have given the name of transitive verbs: those significative of intransitive acts they have termed intransitive. These last are still more frequently called neuter; that is, neither active nor passive. The appellation seems improper: since, instead of their being neither, they are both in one.

To the class of acts that are here termed intransitive, belong those which constitute the 3rd class in the system of offenses. See ch. xvi. [Division] and B. I. tit. [Self regarding Offenses].

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