The investigation might, by a process rendered obvious by analogy, be extended to the consequences of an act of a beneficial nature. In both instances a third order of consequences may be reckoned to have taken place, when the influence of the act, through the medium of the passive faculty of the patient, has come to affect his active faculty. In this way 1. Evil may flow out ofevil:— instance; the exertions of industry put a stop to by the extinction of inducement, resulting from a continued chain of acts of robbery or extortion. 2. Good out of evil:—instance; habits of depredation put a stop to by a steady course of punishment. 3. Evil out of good:—instance; habits of industry put a stop to by an excessive course of gratuitous bounty. 4. Good out of good:—instance; a constant and increasing course of industry, excited and kept up by the rewards afforded by a regular and increasing market for the fruits of it.

IPML Chapter 12 Section 1