A Protest against Law Taxes

Jeremy Bentham

Footnote #09
Sold but not for personal gain?

Let us not for the purpose of any argument, give rise or countenance to injurious imputations. Though justice is partly denied, end partly sold, the difference is certainly immense, betwixt selling it for the personal benefit of the king or of a judge, and selling it for the benefit of the public---betwixt selling it by auction, and selling it at a fixed price---betwixt denying it for the sake of forcing the sale of it or denying it to a few obnoxious individuals, and denying it indiscriminately to the great majority of the people. In point of moral guilt, there is certainly no comparison: but in point of political effect, It may not altogether be easy in every part, of the parallel, to say which mode of abuse is most extensively pernicious.

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A Protest against Law Taxes