Gallio having been exiled to the isle of Lesbos, information was received at Rome that he was amusing himself there, apparently very much to his satisfaction; and that what had been imposed upon him as a punishment, had, in fact, proved to him a source of pleasure: upon this they determined to recal him to the society of his wife and to his home, and directed him to confine himself to his house, in order that they might inflict upon him what he should think a punishment.—Essais de Montaigne, liv. i, c. 2.

So far the French writer: Tacitus says—

Italia exactus: et quia incusabatur facile toleraturus exilium, delecta Lesbo, insula nobile et amena retrahitur in urbem, custoditurque domibus magistratnum.—Ann. liv. vi, c. 3.

RP Book 2 Chapter 8