Of this we have an example in certain laws of Zaleucus, the Locrian Legislator, pretended to have been preserved (say my authority) by Diodorus Siculus. ``Let not a free woman go forth from the city in the night, unless when she goes to prostitute herself to her gallant. Let her not wear rich ornaments or garments interwoven with gold, unless she be a courtezan.''---Princ. of Pen. Law, c. 26.

This was as much as to say, that if he knew of a woman's going abroad in a lone place at the unseasonable hour he is speaking of, the legislator should take it for granted that such was the errand she went out upon. If she dressed in a manner in which it as particularly the business of courtesans to dress, he should take for granted her being of that stamp.

RP Book 3 Chapter 3 Section 1