The Rationale of Punishment

Book III

Of Privative Punishments, Or Forfeitures

Chapter V

Section IV


The pleasures resulting from standing in the condition of trustee, are the following:---

  1. The pleasure resulting from the hope of contributing to the happiness of the individual whose interest is in question. This is a pleasure of benevolence or goodwill.
  2. The pleasure derived from the hope of the inexigible services to be expected from the gratitude of the individual in question. Pleasure of the moral sanction.
  3. Pleasure founded on the hope of receiving inexigible services at the hands of persons benefited by the being entrusted with the use of the trust property. This also is a pleasure of the moral sanction.
  4. Pleasure founded on the hope of sharing in the esteem, the goodwill, and the inexigible services of the different persons to whom his capacity and probity in the management of the trust property may have become known. This is also a pleasure of the moral sanction.
  5. When a salary is annexed to the duty: pleasure of pecuniary profit.

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