The Rationale of Reward



The history of the present Work is somewhat curious: it is extracted from two sets of manuscripts, differing considerably as to their arrangement; the one in French and the other in English, written by Mr. Bentham between forty and fifty years ago; and which do not appear to have been ever confronted together.

Both these manuscripts, with Mr. Bentham's Papers on Punishment, were, at the desire of Mr. Dumont, placed in his hands, and, together with some few additions from his own elegant pen, form the matter of the work published by him (at Paris in 1811) under the title of Thèorie des Peines et des Récompenses. Of this work three editions have been printed in France, and one in England: the ``Rationale of Reward'' occupies the second volume.

In preparing it for its appearance before the English public, the Editor has taken the above volume as the groundwork of his labours; but having availed himself wherever he could of the original manuscripts, his will, in many instances, not be found a literal translation of M. Dumont's work.

The additions made by M. Dumont are marked out, where distinguishable, by appropriate indications. One of these additions being at variance with Mr. Bentham's present opinions, has given rise to the remarks which immediately follow.