A Table of the Springs of Action

Jeremy Bentham

of the Taste—the Palate—the Alimentary Canalof Intoxication.
Corresponding Interest, Interest of the PALATEInterest of the Bottle.
Corresponding MOTIVES—with Names,
 —I. Neutral: viz.
1. Hunger.
2. Need of food.
3. Want of food.
4. Desire of food.
5. Fear of hunger.
6. Thirst.
7. Drought.
8. Need, want, desire
 —of the means of quenching, relieving, abating, &c. thirst.
9. Inanition.

 —II. Eulogistic: viz.
Proper, none.

1. Love of the pleasures of the social board—of the social bowl, or glass—of good cheer—of good living—of the good goddess—of the jolly god, &c.

—III. Dyslogistic: viz.

1. Gluttony.
2. Gulosity.
3. Voracity.
4. Voraciousness.
5. Greediness.
6. Ravenousness.
7. Liquorishness.
8. Daintiness.
9. Love, appetite, craving, hankering, propensity, eagerness, passion, rage—of, for, to, and after cramming, stuffing, devouring, gormandizing, gutting, &c.
11. Ebriety.
12. Intoxication.
13. Sottishness.
Love, &c. (as per Col. 3) of &c. drink, liquor—drinking, tippling, toping, boosing, guzzling, swilling, soaking, sotting, carousing—junketting, revelling, &c.

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