A Table of the Springs of Action

Jeremy Bentham

—of Amity: viz. PLEASURES derivable from the Good-will, thence from the
Free Services, of this or that individual.—Pains derivable from the Loss
Non acquisition of ditto.
Corresponding Interest, Interest of the CLOSET.
Corresponding MOTIVES—with Names,

 —I. Neutral: viz.

Single-worded, none.


1. Desire, wish, want, need, hope, prospect, expectation—of obtaining, gaining, acquiring, procuring—partaking of, sharing in—enjoying, retaining, securing—the good opinion, favourable opinion, goodwill; good offices, services; help, aid, assistance, support, co-operation; vote; interest; favour, patronage, protection, countenance, recommendation—of this or that individual.
2. Fear, apprehension, dread—of losing, forfeiting, foregoing—the favour, good opinion, &c. as above.
3. Desire, &c. of ingratiating a man's self with him, of recommending a man's self to him, to his favour, &c. as above;—of obtaining, &c. a place in his favour.

 —II. Eulogistic:

Single-worded, none.


Honest, &c. (as per No. V. Col. 2), desire, &c. (as per No. VII. Col. 1.


—III. Dyslogistic: viz.

1. Servility.
2. Slavishness.
3. Obsequiousness.
4. Cringingness.
5. Abjectness.
6. Meanness.
7. Sycophantism.
8. Toad-eating.

9. Propensity, readiness—to fawn, cringe, truckle to, humour, flatter—this or that individual.
10. Desire, hope, &c. of insinuating, worming a man's self, creeping into the good graces of the individual in question; of currying favour with him.

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