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From this page you can search at one go all the documents on the site. Elsewheres there are pages for more restrictive searches.

Please enter a word or words to search for. Searches are not case sensitive, so ``Tutelary'', ``tutelary'', or even ``tUteLAry'' will do if you wish to retrieve documents including that word (such as the chapter on ``Motives'' in the Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation).

If you enter more than one word to search for, you can try a search that will retrieve only documents that contain all of the words you enter, not necessarily in order (select ``All'' below) or one that will retrieve documents that contain any one of the words you enter (select ``Any'' below).

If you know the first letters of what you wish to search for, you may try a ``wildcard'' search by putting a ``*'' after the prefix: e.g., you may search for ``utilitarianism'' by entering ``utili*'' (other ``wildcard'' searches, such as entering ``*litarian*'' will not work; a limitation of our search engine, alas). Of course, in this case you will also get matches on ``utility'', etc.

Another limitation of the search engine: phrase searches don't work. [The htdig team is working on this.] That is, you can't enter "tutelary motives" and get matches exact on that phrase, rather you will get matches on all pages that contain both words whether together or apart.

The spelling of words in some of our texts is not that of modern English. Futher, where there are differences, the spelling is mostly British rather than U.S. To some extent this is compensated for by means of a database with the variant spellings, the which is used by the search engine. But be forewarned, nonetheless.

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More about your search options: if you don't want any context from the beginning of documents to be displayed, select ``Short'' for the Format. A search by ``score'' is probably the most appropriate for this archive, since that will pull first documents that have your search word or words in the document title or document headings.