A Counterblaste to Tobacco

King James I of England

I don't quite know what possessed me to digitize the whole of this text. Bentham cites this text as an example of the ``principle'' of antipathy run wild. I thought I might turn a bit of it into e-text to give the reader the flavor of James I's polemic. I found a couple of reprints from the late 19th century in the library; seeing that the text was rather short, I went ahead and did the lot.

Source of the Text

The Counterblaste to Tobacco was originally published in 1604, then reprinted in the Workes of King James of 1616. I digitized the text from a 1905 reprint done by G. Putnam and Sons, London. This included an appendix with the text of a statute issued by King James I in 1604 imposing fines on Tobacco importation.

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