A System of Logic

John Stuart Mill

Book 6, Chapter 4, Footnote #01
Prof. Bain's work on the mind

When this chapter was written, Professor Bain had not yet published even the first part (``The Senses and the Intellect'') of his profound Treatise on the Mind. In this the laws of association have been more comprehensively stated and more largely exemplified than by any previous writer and the work, having been completed by the publication of ``The Emotions and the Will'', may now be referred to as incomparably the most complete analytical exposition of the mental phenomena, on the basis of a legitimate induction, which has yet been produced. More recently still, Mr. Bain has joined with me in appending to a new edition of the ``Analysis'' notes intended to bring up the analytic science of Mind to its latest improvements.

Many striking applications of the laws of association to the explanation of complex mental phenomena are also to be found in Mr. Herbert Spencer's ``Principles of Psychology''.

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Sol, Book 6, Chapter 4 Of the Laws of Mind