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We would love to hear from any teachers, students, or parents who have found this site of value or anyone who has any questions or comments on the site, or is interested in the work we do. Learn more about Shakespeare at Winedale by visiting the program website at http://www.shakespeare-winedale.org.

You may reach the Shakespeare at Winedale Outreach program by contacting on-campus coordinator Clayton Stromberger via email at cstromberger@mail.utexas.edu.

To contact the Shakespeare at Winedale office, located in Calhoun Hall at the University of Texas, call Program Coordinator Clay Maer at (512) 471-4726, or send an email to shakespeare-at-winedale@mail.utexas.edu.

Dr. James Loehlin directs Shakespeare at Winedale. Dr. James Ayres, founding director of Shakespeare at Winedale, directs the Camp Shakespeare summer camp program and the Outreach program.