Cultural Taiwan is administered by the Taiwan Studies Program, Department of Asian Studies, The University of Texas at Austin.

「文化台灣」; 美國德州大學亞洲研究系台灣研究組主持。

What is Cultural Taiwan?

The mission of Cultural Taiwan is to provide a platform for the exchange of ideas and the exploration of new research directions within the rapidly growing, yet still largely compartmentalized transnational community of scholars interested and/or specializing in Taiwan-related cultural topics. We focus primarily on cultural forms where creative imagination constitutes a basic feature—such as literature, film, theater, and the arts—including popular styles of these forms, their digital varieties, and the historical contexts—socio-economic-political, technological, and intellectual—within which creative activities take place and exert impact.

 Although “Taiwan” will be the ostensible core of scholarly discourses that Cultural Taiwan sponsors, this by no means delimits the theoretical premise of intellectual endeavors to be encompassed in the forum, for the unique research value of “cultural Taiwan” lies precisely in its rich potential for challenging existing assumptions and inspiring new methodological deliberations on Chinese, East Asian, and global cultural processes.