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The College of Liberal Arts LIVE ONLINE courses give you a front seat in class from anywhere with a good internet connection.

Visit the 24/7 test stream to test your computer and network connection before classes start.

Attend LIVE ONLINE courses by logging into the class website at Canvas during scheduled class times. Lectures are streamed live to your computer, and include class activities and interviews with experts in the field.

GOV310L American Government Fall 2015
Introduction to American Government
Sean Theriault and Bethany Albertson
Unique #37612 and #37613
Photograph of Professors Bethany Albertson and Sean Theriault during a previous lecture
PSY301 Intro to Psychology Fall 2015
Introduction to Psychology
Jamie Pennebaker and Sam Gosling
Unique #42165, #42170, #42175
Photograph of Professors Jamie Pennebaker and Sam Gosling preparing for a lecture