PSY301: Introduction to Psychology

Led by two world-class, award-winning psychologists, this course provides an overview of modern day psychology in a lively, non-traditional classroom format. Students will explore human behavior, how the brain works, why some people are anxious while others are daredevils, and dozens of other topics related to human psychology. Attend class from anywhere with a good internet connection! Log in T/TH at 12:30 to watch a live stream of the pre-recorded lectures, and to participate in daily quizzes, surveys, chats, and other activities.

  • Class is broadcast online TTH 12:30–2:00 pm
  • Unique #42509
  • You'll log in to class using the Canvas LMS
  • Lectures are posted after class for review
  • Test your computer's streaming video powers with the 24/7 test stream