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Texas schools and universities invest millions of dollars each year in state-mandated instruction on the workings of Texas government. But most Texans remain uninterested in or, worse, unfamiliar with how their government works. Elections and extraordinary news events may spark brief public interest. But Texans' engagement with their government, like voter turnout in Texas, remains stagnant.

The Texas Politics project confronts these problems in the classroom and on the Web. Texas Politics is designed to support state-mandated university instruction in the workings of Texas government and to aid all Texans in becoming more thoughtful and effective participants in their government. The project's clear and dynamic presentation of the story of Texas Politics builds on Web-accessible video, audio, graphical, and textual formats to foster student and citizen interest in Texas Politics and to provide instructors and students with a comprehensive set of tools for teaching and learning.

At first glance Texas Politics resembles a traditional textbook, providing coverage of the basic elements of the Texas political system in online units analogous to book chapters. This familiar format provides students and instructors with an intuitive organizing principle, whether they are looking for a single piece of information or designing an entire course of study. But Texas Politics is much more than a traditional textbook reformatted for the Web. For instructors, Texas Politics combines the attributes of a good textbook - comprehensiveness, accessibility, and intuitive organization - with a collection of multimedia features no textbook can match, including multimedia resources that can be used in class, by students at home, or on a public Internet connection. For students and the general public, Texas Politics provides a richer set of learning resources than any textbook - all on a completely unrestricted basis.

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Texas Politics is a project of Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Services (LAITS), a unit of the College of Liberal Arts at the University of Texas at Austin. The Texas Politics project team builds on the University's close association with state government.

Texas Politics - 1st Edition

Joe TenBarge
Assistant Dean and Director
Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Services
College of Liberal Arts

Dr. James Henson
Project Director
Principal content authors
John Morris
James Henson
Tim Fackler
Assistant Content Editor
Tracey Storey
Web Development
Theo Mills - TW Mills Consulting
Eric Eubank (2002-2006)
Graphic Design
Suloni Robertson
Additional Web Design
Gary Dickerson
Ran An
Cristina Escutia (2002-2006)
Audio-Visual Media Production
Daniel Garza
Michael Heidenreich
Daniel Benner (2002-2005)
Polling Director
Daron Shaw
Polling Advisory Committee
Department of Government
The University of Texas at Austin
Robert Luskin
Tasha Philpot
David Leal
Jason Casellas
Gary Freeman
Daron Shaw
Bryan Jones

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