Informational Society

Economics 361N


Informational Society presents a utopian design of society in the year 2050 which promotes discovery, invention and innovation. The design is based on the advances in information technology and automation. The changes in economic organization and income distribution are forecasted. A fundamental concern of Informational Society is information policy. The utopian design is based on promoting a community organization of society. The federal government is modified to create a stronger system of checks and balances. Governmental functions are decentralized.

Net Notes

The notes provide a summary of the text. The primary focus of the notes is to explain modern technology which everyone should understand in order to succeed in the next century. As this technology is rapidly advancing the notes are constantly being updated. There are numerous links to outside sources in the notes. The more speculative parts of the text are outlined. Click to obtain the notes for INFORMATIONAL SOCIETY. The author made a considerable effort to locate better surfing sites. Latest version of browsers from Netscape or Microsoft should work. The colors, which are not invariant among systems, are less important.


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