Obi Nwakanma sees Jerry Rawlings as an angel compared with his
Nigerian counterparts

"Rawlings is accountable and transparent! Elsewhere, I have stated that
Jerry Rawlings suffers from bouts of political amnesia stemming from his
megalomania. Rawlings 19-year dictatorship remains the worst period in
Ghana's political history: democratization of violence as an instrument
of national policies, brutalization and elimination of political
opponents, graft and corruption, destruction of the educational system,
breakdown of the health delivery system, unsurpassed ethnicization of
society - "tribalism," nepotistic brokerage of national resources, and
an endemic culture of silence due to fear etc. Thanks, to Professor Adu
Boahen who challenged the political buffoonery of Rawlings and his
coterie of bankrupt intellectual elite, Ghanaians were able to regain
their political voice. "

If you think Jerry Rawlings is evil, come to Nigeria and we will show
pot-bellied evil, gap-toothed evil, tribal-marked evil with its
permanent dark-goggles. We will show you evil in jack-boots and
agbada. That is why we in Nigeria say, if Jerry Rawlings is evil, may
god send us some of that rather than the ones we just have. I am sure
the man is full of it sometimes; he might even be a megalomanic imp,
but excuse me, Legon had collapsed before Jerry Rawlings came. I
remember the flood of fine Ghanian professionals, many of whom came
to work in every sector in Nigeria in the 1970s and up to the 1980s.
Today, they are back to Ghana, thanks to Jerry Rawlings. Nigerians
now prefer to send their sons and daughters to schools in Ghana. Just
go figure that! It makes me think that Jerry-boy might have some
claim to his good works, all things considered. We sometimes say,
Olisebuluwa brought Osagyefo Nkuruma to Ghana, theGhanians  hounded
him out and called him names after a CIA sponsored coup. He was
accused of corruption. The man died in penury in Guinea under the
care of his brother Sekou Toure. Now, they are calling Jerry Rawlings
names. Let's wait till he dies. Perhaps, Ghanaians might enact a day
in his honour. Who knows. I just say, give me Rawlings and I will
take him over Obasanjo any day. The man has style at least.