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Image Index > Sex Acts > 3 Stages Of Intimacy, With Penetration At End

Three man-youth pairs. the ithyphallic man on the left strokes the chin of a youth who carries off a deer, an apparent love gift of his suitor. The youth turns around to reciprocate the man's gaze. The youth in the middle pair holds a crown and stares straight ahead as the taller man crouches down in a rather uncomfortable posture to penetrate his thighs. A dancing man gazes into this youth's eyes, as if to attract his attention, perhaps in hopes of the same gratification. The ithyphallic man on the right offers a fighting cock to a youth, while fondling his genitals and drawing his face near for a kiss. The youth stands stiffly and avoids direct eye-contact. The three pairs represent different stages in the process of seductoin: (1) the man on the left gains the youth's attnetion with a gift, (2) the man on the right prepares the youth for sexual contact, and (3) the middle pair consummate the act.

Artist Painter Of Berlin 1686
Date 6th Century BCE
Museum and Inventory Number British Museum W39
References and Publications ABV 297.16
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