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Image Index > Sex Acts > Anal Sex Among Youths, Man And Youth Engage In Intercrural

On the right, a bearded man bends down to angage in intercrural intercourse with a standing youth. On the left, two age-equal youths engage in anal sex; the active partner appears to be somewhat larger and heftier. The youth in the center has brought a hare as a gift, but has no one left to give it to. Should we understand that beaded man as more experienced and therefore copulating in the traditional way, as opposed to the hefty youth who takes his pleasure with less regard for his partner's comfort?

Artist Unknown
Date 6th Century BCE
Museum and Inventory Number Collection of Shelby White and Leon Levy 737.
References and Publications H. A. Shapiro, "Leagros and Euphronios: Painting Pederasty in Athens," In T. K. Hubbard, ed. Greek Love Reconsidered (New York 2000). 18-19.
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