Custom tabs


New custom tab overviewNew custom tab overview
New custom tab, new item overviewNew custom tab, new item overview
Faculty members may create Custom Tabs by clicking "Add New Custom Tab" at bottom of Home tab
Fields display:
  • Display name
To update record, click "UPDATE DATABASE"


New custom item dataNew custom item dataNew custom item windowNew custom item window
To add an item to the custom tab, click "Add New Item"
Fields display:
  • Item title
  • Description
To update record, click "UPDATE DATABASE"

Field is a "What You See Is What You Get" (WYSIWYG) box, with most of the same functionality as word processor
Field may include images, URL hyperlinks (see Home > Biography)
If you copy and paste text from a word processor (like Microsoft Word)
In order to eliminate extraneous formatting, please
  • Click the "Paste from Word" button
Paste from Word buttonPaste from Word button
  • Paste text into the pop-up window
Paste from Word windowPaste from Word window
  • Click "Insert" to paste clean text into the Description field


Items may be reordered within a tab by dragging the item record information above/below other items
Two custom itemsTwo custom items
Click and drag item:
Drag custom itemDrag custom item
New order:
Custom items reorderedCustom items reordered