Feature Zionist Newspapers from late 19th century and Interwar Bulgaria

Bulgaria is considered to be the most important center of proto-Zionism in the Sephardic world. Evreiski Glas (The Jewish Voice) was one of the first newspapers of the Bulgarian Sephardic community in Bulgaria. Written in Bulgarian with a Ladino (or Judeo-Spanish) supplement, it ran only one year from 1896-7, and espoused an explicitly Zionist viewpoint.

In the interwar period, Zionism was by far the most powerful political and cultural movement among Bulgaria’s Jewish community. In fact, Zionism took hold among Bulgarian Jews to a much greater extent elsewhere in the Sephardic Jewish world. Among the most important interwar Zionist newspapers were Evreiski Glas (The Jewish Voice) and Evreiski Pregled (Jewish Review).

Feature Evreiski Glas- 1896 [view]
Feature Evreiski Glas- 1924-1926 [view]
Feature Evreiski Pregled [view]