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Five physicians pose in front of the hospital in Oradea.

photo rights: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Dr. Tibor Grunfeld is pictured at the back left. He was later killed at Auschwitz.Magdalena Grunfeld Delman is the daughter of Leopold and Caroline Grunfeld. She was born on January 24, 1921 in Oradea, Romania where her father owned a chocolate factory. Magdalena had one older brother, Tibor Grunfeld, who was born in 1914 and worked as a physician. On June 29, 1941 Magdalena married Andrew Delman in Oradea. His parents, Isidore and pearl Delman, had both passed away of natural causes before the war. Isidore had owned a fabric store which Andrew took over after his death. Andrew was conscripted into a Hungarian labor brigade that was sent to the Russian front. He eventually escaped and made his way slowly back to Hungary hiding with strangers. Following their marriage, Magdalena relocated to Satu-Mare where she stayed for the next three years. She was in a ghetto for a few months in 1944 and then deported to Auschwitz. Magdalena's parents, and pregnant sister-in-law perished immediately. Tibor was spared and put to work as a camp doctor. However, knowing the fate of his parents and pregnant wife, he traded his meager food fo rcigarettes and died of starvation. Magdalena was liberated from Auschwitz in 1945. After a short stay in a DP camp she returned to Satu Mare where she found her husband. In 1950 they left for Israel, and eight months later they immigrated to Canada.