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Warsaw Jews demonstrate against Hitlerism, Fascism and attacks on Jewish schools.

photo rights: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

The signs read "Down with Fascism; Down with Hitlerism" and "We denounce attacks on Jewish schools." The Polish banner reads, "Down with attacks on secular Jewish schools". Yankel Federman is pictured second from the left.

The caption on the back of the photo reads, "This card shows a demonstration that took place in Warsaw in 1937 against Fascism and Hitlerism. I am standing under the banner about the struggle with Hitlerism and the Polish regime in its attacks on Jewish schools and the Yiddish language."Hank Federman is the son of Abraham Morris Federman. Abraham (b. 1910) was the son of Harry and Ruth Federman, wealthy Warsaw businessmen. He had five siblings: Izhak (b. @1907), Shlomo (b. 1912), Esther (b. 1914), Yankel (b. 1916) and Helen (Hela). Izhak was married to the daughter of a department store mogul, and had a son Yosele. Abraham immigrated to the United States in 1930 to avoid the Polish draft after his mother bribed a judge. His father, Harry, frequently traveled to the United States on business in the hope he would be able to relocate the entire family. Unfortunately, he passed away in America on June 3, 1938, and when World War II broke out the following year, the rest of Abraham's family was still in Poland. All of the family who remained in Poland perished during the Holocaust.