Inzikhistn [The Introspectivists]

the poets

Beginning in the late 1910s, a group of poets called the Inzikhistn or "Introspectivists" formed in New York. They typically wrote in free verse and reversed the trend of the Yunge for symbolism and lyrical, mood poetry. The reflected the growing urban life and the "jazz age." They wrote a manifesto to introduce their first collective volume In Zikh ["in oneself'] signed by the poets Yankev (Jacob) Glatstein, Aron Glantz-Leyeles, and N.B. Minkov. They were the first modernist Yiddish poets, absorbing other international modernist trends of their times. They were intellectuals and their poetry reflects their inner selves. Many poets searching for a modern means of expression joined their ranks and published in their journal, In Zikh, including Celia Dropkin, Gabriel Preil, in America, and Avrom Sutskever and others, in Europe.
In Zikh [In oneself]