Di Yunge Group Photo
Di Yunge [The Young Ones]

Following the period of sweatshop and revolutionary poetry in American Yiddish literature (approximately 1880-1905), a new generation of Yiddish writers developed, called "di yunge", the young ones. The name evolved after they published several issues of a journal, Di yugnt [youth] in 1907-1908. Unlike their literary predecessors, these writers sought beauty and mystery in the world and reality, and did not care whether their writings were politically engaged. Many of their poems were more concerned with setting a mood, either romantic or mysterious, than with attacking the capitalists and the conditions of the sweatshops. They were aestheticians, who believed in art for art's sake. The leading poets of this group were Mani Leib, H. Leivick, and Moyshe Leyb Halperin. Di yunge also included a group of prose writers and novelists, foremost among them, David Ignatoff and Isaac Raboy.


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