French Verbs Are Accessible

Passé Composé-

Part 2: Irregular Verbs that take Avoir as the Helping Verb -

We will now learn about verbs that not only take the helping verb avoir in the passé composé, but also have an irregular past participle.

The following chart lists the most common examples of such verbs:

English Translation- Infinitive- Irregular Past Participle-
to learn- apprendre- appris-
to have- avoir- eu-
to drink- boire- bu-
to understand- comprendre- compris-
to drive- conduire- conduit-
to know- connaître- connu-
to discover- découvrir- découvert-
to be obliged to, to have to, to owe- devoir- -
to say, tell- dire- dit-
to write- écrire- écrit-
to be- être- été-
to do, make- faire- fait-
to read- lire- lu-
to put, place, put on- mettre- mis-
to obtain- obtenir- obtenu-
to offer- offrir- offert-
to open- ouvrir- ouvert-
to rain- pleuvoir- plu-
to be able- pouvoir- pu-
to receive- recevoir- reçu-
to see- voir- vu-
to wish, want- vouloir- voulu-

A few examples include: j'ai appris (I learned), elle a écrit (she wrote), nous avons bu (we drank), and tu as vu (you saw).