French Verbs Are Accessible

Present Tense-

E R Spelling Change Verbs, Part 2-

We will now learn to conjugate in the present tense several E R verbs that have spelling changes in their stem. Some examples include: acheter (to buy), appeler (to call), essayer (to try), and préférer (to prefer). In the present tense, spelling change verbs will typically have one stem in all singular forms (je, tu, il, elle, on) and the third person plural (ils, elles). But, in the nous and vous forms of the plural, they will have another stem.

Here is the verb acheter conjugated in the present tense. Be sure to listen for the è sound in all singular forms (je, tu, il, elle, on) and in the third person plural (ils, elles). However, in the nous and vous forms of the plural, please note that the vowel sound is silent.

acheter- English Translation-
j'achète I buy, am buying
tu achètes you (familiar) buy, are buying
il, elle, on achète he, she, one buys, is buying
nous achetons we buy, are buying
vous achetez you buy, are buying
ils, elles achètent they buy, are buying -

The following verbs are conjugated like acheter: amener (to bring or take -- when talking about a person), emmener (to take along, to take someone somewhere), and peser (to weigh)

Now, listen to your screen reader conjugate the verb appeler:

appeler - English Translation-
j'appelle I call
tu appelles you (familiar) call
il, elle, on appelle he, she, one calls
nous appelons we call
vous appelez you call
ils, elles appellent they call-

The verbs renouveler (to renew), and étinceler (to sparkle, glitter), are conjugated like appeler. You will notice that the letter e which is right next to a double l in the singular and the third-person plural stems is pronounced like an è. In French, this open sound is sometimes depicted in writing by an è. However, this same sound is represented in other verbs by a double l or even a double t as in the verbs jeter (to throw), projeter (to plan), and rejeter (to reject, throw back).