Extracts from A Declaration against Vortius

King James I. of England

These two items are extracts from a larger work published by James I. of England in the Spring of 1612 as part of his effort to prevent the appointment of D. Conradus Vorstius to the Professorship of Theology at Leyden University in the Netherlands. They are here on the CUWS because Bentham refers to James' polemic in Chapter 2 of The Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation.

Source of the Text

This text was originally published as His Majesties Declaration concerning his Proceedings with the States generall of the United Provinces of the Low Countries, in the matter of D. Conradus Vorstius in 1612. I digitized it from the reprint of the same in the Workes of James I. published in 1616. Actually the little that is here is what I could talk the folks at the rare books room in the Harry Ransom Center at UT into photocopying. I will try again: who knows, I may be able to get more of the text a few nibbles at a time.

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