The Elements of Politics

Henry Sidgwick

Preface 2

Preface to the Second Edition

(1896) In preparing the second edition I have carefully revised the book throughout, paying attention to such criticisms of it as have fallen under my notice; and have made numerous alterations and additions, mostly of a minor kind. The most considerable of these changes are in Chap. 1. §2, Chap. II. §§ 1 and 2, Chap. XV. §1, Chap. XVIII. §1, Chap. XIX.,---where §9 is new,---Chap. XX., especially in §§4, 5, and 6, and Chap. XXVII. §§4 and 5. Further, to make the drift of the discussion in the last chapter more clear, I have---besides minor changes in the chapter itself---added an Appendix containing in an enlarged form the criticism on Austin's view of Sovereignty, which was not very fitly placed in Chap. II. of the first edition.

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