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introduction to adverbs
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An adverb is a word that qualifies the action of the verb, that is, it specifies how or when the action is performed. In English, many adverbs are indicated by the -ly ending. In French, most adverbs end in -ment.

lentement slowly
attentivement carefully
souvent often

Adverbs answer questions about the action: how? how much? when? and where? While most adverbs in French and English modify verbs, they can also modify other adverbs as well as adjectives.

verb modified by adverb Ecoute attentivement. Listen carefully.
adverb modified by adverb trop lentement too slowly
adjective modified by adverb extrêmement silencieux extremely quiet

Adverb vs. Adjective
It is common in non-standard English for speakers to use adjectives in place of adverbs.

tex écrit bien
Tex writes good. (instead of 'well')
  Aggies talk too slow. (instead of 'slowly')

While this alternation is common in English, it is not common in French where adjectives are rarely used in place of the adverb. Remember that adverbs modify verbs (as well as other adverbs and adjectives) and adjectives modify nouns.

Tex écrit bien. Tex writes well.
  La poésie de Tex est bonne.   Tex's poetry is good.