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This web site is about much more than just French grammar. It is also about the epic love story of Tex and Tammy, two star-struck armadillos, and Bette, the sex kitten bent on destroying their love. In addition to this ménage à trois, the cast of characters include Edouard, a pretentious French snail, Joe-Bob, a dim-witted squirrel from College Station, and Corey, a cockroach who prefers getting high and watching the X-Files on TV to doing his French homework.

Will Tex's and Tammy's union ever be legally sanctioned? Will Bette ever learn to balance the erotic and the platonic? Will Edouard ever get over his antipathy for Texas barbeque? Will Joe-Bob and Corey ever pass French 101? And will Tex ever integrate the competing forces of his complex Franco-American identity?

Come explore the world of Tex and find the answers to life's important questions. Bon voyage!

audio Je suis poète ... et quelquefois tuteur à l'université du Texas. Je déteste la culture populaire américaine.
audio Je suis la copine de Tex. J'adore l'université du Texas.
audio Je suis un escargot français et j'adore la cuisine française.
audio Je suis de College Station. J'aime la bière!
audio Je suis un cafard déprimé. J'adore l'insecticide.
audio Je suis étudiante. J'adore les hommes.
audio Je suis cadien. J'aime mon petit-fils Tex.
audio Je suis une fourmi sérieuse. Je suis de Laredo. J'aime les pique-niques.