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Tristan and Isolde, Glance
Tristan and Isolde Motives
Tristan and Isolde Motives

Hight considers Glance to be a derivative of Desire. Scruton believes that this motive is a varied retrograde of Longing, but most analysts have labeled it as an independent motive.

Motive Labels
“Love Glance” – (Kobbé, p. 111)
“The Glance” (Lavignac, p. 285)
Blickmotiv” or “Look Motive” – (Pfohl, p. 216)
“Look Motive” or “Glance Motive” – (Newman, in Bailey, p. 155)

Glance – Order of occurrence by Act and Scene
Act I: Prelude, Scenes 1-3 & 5
Act III: Scene 2
Tristan and Isolde
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