Texas Politics - Voting, Campaigns, and Elections
  1. Republican Dominance
  2. Looking Ahead
Types of Elections in Texas
  1. Getting on the Ballot
  2. Winning Public Office
Voting Requirements, Patterns
  1. Requirements
  2. Patterns
Voting and Non-voting
  1. Making a Difference?
  2. Why People Vote
Barriers to Voting
  1. Decision-making
  2. Information/Transaction Costs
  3. Historical Barriers
Two Parties and Voter Turnout
  1. Development
  2. Voters
Political Campaigns
  1. Rising Campaign Costs
  2. Regulating Contributions
  3. Impact of Money in Elections
Polling and Campaigns
Mobilization and Campaigns
  1. Endorsements
  2. Advertising
  3. Events and Speeches
  4. Grassroots Mobilization
10  Conclusion
  1. Print-friendly format
  2. Key words and phrases
  3. Multimedia resources
9.    Mobilization and Campaigns

Because of the costs attached to voting, candidates need to accomplish two distinct tasks. First, they must motivate citizens to turn out and vote. Candidates receive help with this task from media outlets that carry public service messages urging people to vote and from civic participation campaigns like "Rock the Vote" or 2004's "Vote or Die" and "Redeem the Vote" campaigns.

Candidates must also inspire voters with selected information to support them and not their opponents. Candidates may receive help in this from various sources, including parties, interest groups, and other actors in the political system, but candidates bear the primary responsibility for organizing their own efforts to gather enough votes to win.

Put simply, candidates and their campaigns with the help of parties and interest groups attempt to mobilize voters. The following sections briefly survey some of the tactics candidates and campaign professionals use to build support among voters – soliciting and publicizing endorsements, mounting an advertising campaign, and staging events such as rallies and meetings.

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