Mathematical Models
for Introductory Macroeconomics


Alfred L. Norman

with the able assistance of the following undergraduate economics honors students

Grace Chitra, Jacklin Chou, Mridul Chowdhurn, Kenneth Fortson, Vinit Jagdish and Khurram Mahmood


This workbook contains the mathematical models for the Introduction to Macroeconomics (ECO304L). The table of links is as follows:

_____Micro & Macroeconomics

__________Economic Paradigms

__________Supply and Demand

__________Market Game

__________Dynamic Price Adjustment Simulation

_______________Supply and Demand Quiz


__________Classical Paradigm

_______________Index Number Quiz

__________ Macroeconomic Data from 1976 - 1995

__________Macroeconomics Models I

_______________Macroeconomics Models I Quiz

__________Bonds, stocks and banks

_______________Bank Expansion Quiz

__________Macroeconomics Models II

__________ Tax Cut Simulation

__________Dynamic IS/LM Model Policy Game

_______________Macroeconomics Models II Quiz

__________Discussion of IS/LM model

__________Neoclassical Paradigm