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March 29-31 2002

"Survival" Guide

This collection of pages contains valuable information designed to help you get the most out of the conference, with the least amount of delay and frustration. Please check these pages often, print them out, and carry them with you. A collected version of this guide will also be included in the packet you will pick up at the welcome table upon arrival at the conference.

Please, if you are a graduate student participant in the Nigerian conference, do please get in touch with me. The conference intends to offer each person a subsidy of $150 toward the purchase of air ticket. We would have to do APS forms for you (with social security numbers, addresses, schools, purpose) and then ship them through the Dean's office, then get your signatures as well as copies of your photo IDs. You will have to sign another payroll form. You can also sign the forms during the conference.

Paper Frequently Asked Questions

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Instructions for Participation in Nigeria in the Twentieth Century

Instructions for Preparation and Submission of Papers

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