2009 Conference Schedule

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Friday, March 27th

10:00am-10:20am – Shuttle service between the Hotel and Conference

10:30am – 11:00am – Conference Opening

11:00am – 12:30pm – Panel Session A

A1: Oil and Environmental Politics in Nigeria

Location – Lone Star Room 3.208

Chair: Ann Genova


Oil Companies in Africa Before the Discovery of Oil

Kairn A. Klieman, University of Houston


Big Motor and Dirty House’: Ken Saro-Wiwa’s War with Royal Dutch Shell

Michael Sharp, University of Puerto Rico


From Jesse to Ijegun: Poverty, Environmental Degradation and the Quest

for the Redistribution of Nigeria’s Oil Wealth

Monsuru Muritala, University of Ibadan (Nigeria)

Oil Multinational's "Environmental Genocide" and Socio- Economic development in Nigeria's Niger Delta

Donald Omagu, CUNY/College of Staten Island


The State and the Governance of Multinational Corporations in Africa:

Shell Petroleum Development Company in the Niger Delta

Samuel Oloruntoba, University of Lagos (Nigeria)


Unending ‘Oil Violence’ in the Niger Delta: Any prospect for peace?

Victor Ojakorotu, Monash University (South Africa)

A2: Movement, Migration and the African Environment

Location – Quadrangle Room 3.304

Chair: Hetty ter Haar

The Impact of refugees on Environmental degradation

Belay Tizazu, Adama University (Ethiopia)


African Dispute Resolution: An Antidote to Displaced Population in Boundary Disputes, the Bakassi Penninsula

Omolade Olomola, University of Ibadan (Nigeria)


The Price of Modernity: Nigerian Railway and the 1918 Influenza Pandemic

Tokunbo A. Ayoola, Ohio State University


Globalization of Ovid: The Anguish of an Exile

Idowu Mojeed Alade, University of Ibadan (Nigeria)

Science, Technology and the Environment in Africa: A Theoretical Exploration

J. Shola Omotola, Redeemer’s University (Nigeria)

Monkeys in the Colonial Maelstrom: Struggles over Knowledge, Race, and Commodities in the Gabonese Primate Trade, c. 1850-1920

Jeremy Rich, Middle Tennessee State University


12:30pm-2:00pm – Lunch
Various places within the Union (Burgers, Sandwiches, Pizza, etc.)

Wendy’s Field of Greens
Taco Bell
Bene Pizzeria & Pasta
Smokehouse BBQ
Cactus Café Sushi Bar
Turntable Café
Java City at the Commons

Or places within walking distance.

Step out of the Union, make a right and you are on Guadalupe.

Madam Mam’s (Thai Food), 2514 Guadalupe – it’s north of the co-op
Austin Pizza, 2324 Guadalupe –north of co-op
Slices and Ices, 2530 Guadalupe – north of co-op
Texadelphia (deli), 2422 Guadalupe – north of co-op
Veggie Heaven (tofu, rice), 1914-A Guadalupe – south of the co-op
Pho (Vietnamese food) – south of the co-op
Jack in the Box – north of co-op
Einstein’s Bagels – north of co-op
Subway Sandwiches – 2323 San Antonio St.
Roly Poly Sandwiches – 2421 San Antonio St.
Food Court in Dobie Maill –south of co-op


2:00pm-3:30pm - Panel Session B

B1: Hydro-Politics, Land, and African Economies

Location – Quadrangle 3.304

Chair: Catherine Boone


The Political Ecology of Land Use and Water Resource Conflicts in Kenya

Gilbert M. Nduru, Moi University (Kenya) and Bessie House- Soremekun,

A History of Hydropolitics in the Lake Chad Basin:

The Nguru Well Project in Borno Province Nigeria, 1925-1950

Virginia Claire Breedlove, Johns Hopkins University

Government Policy and Hydropolitics in South Africa

Niles French, CUNY-Staten Island

Becoming Chagga: Land, Water, and Identity on Kilimanjaro, 1880-1960

Matthew Bender, College of New Jersey

Water for oil: Some Lessons from the Garamantes and the Sabaeans Applied

to China’s Harmonious World Development

Marsha Robinson, Otterbein College

B2: Disease, Health and the Environment in Africa

Location – Lone Star Room 3.208

Chair: Kathryn Jacobsen

Children's School Participation, Environment and HIV/AIDS in Rural Malawi

Olatubosun Ogunnaike, Redeemer's University (Nigeria)


Interrogating the Role of Culture in the Spread and Prevalence of

HIV/AIDS in Contemporary Nigeria

Bolawale Odunaike, Redeemers University (Nigeria)


Culture, Environment and HIV/AIDS in Africa

Emmanuel Etuk Justus, Redeemers University (Nigeria)

Combating infectious diseases: Why not Malaria in Africa?

Elinami V. Swai, University of Toledo


Science, Venereal Disease and Sexuality in Colonial Nigeria

Saheed Aderinto, University of Texas at Austin


3:45pm – 5:15pm – Panel Session C


C1: Science and Environmental Changes in Africa

Location – Quadrangle Room 3.304

Chair: Jackie Woodford

Biological Warfare in Central Nigerian Region:

An Aspect of Pre-colonial Military Science and Technology

Olayemi Akinwumi and Mailafia Aruwa Filaba, Nasarawa State University (Nigeria)

Potential of microbial strains for reclamation and clean-up of polluted Nigerian soils

T.O. Adejumo, Adekunle Ajasin University (Nigeria)


Africa and the Nuclear World:

Labor, Health, and the Transnational Politics of Knowledge Production

Gabrielle Hecht, University of Michigan


The Hairier the Better’: Breeding for Insect Resistance

at Barberton, South Africa, 1926-1948

Matthew Schnurr, Dalhousie University


Environmental Impact of Post-Colonial Mining Activities on the Jos Plateau

S. U. Fwatshak, University of Jos (Nigeria)


Environment and Technology in Northern Nigeria

Okpeh Okpeh, Benue State University (Nigeria)

C2: Health and Environment in Africa

Location – Lone Star Room 3.208

Chair: James Wilson

Economic Melt-down, Environmental Degradation and Infant Mortality in Lagos, Nigeria  

Oluwaseun Stephen Dawodu, Redeemers University (Nigeria)


The role of Folklore and Folklife in Environmental Education and

Sanitation in Yorubaland

A. Ademiluyi and R. A. Asiyanbola, Olabisi Onabanjo University (Nigeria)

Climate Change in Africa: Environmental, Socioeconomic, and Health Implications

Kathryn H. Jacobsen, George Mason University

Increase in Health Care Facilities and Rapid Environmental Degradation:

A Technological Paradox in Nigeria’s Urban Centres

Akinwale Coker and Sridhar Mynepalli, University of Ibadan (Nigeria)



5:30pm-6:30pm - Dinner reception (Garrison Hall)

Registered Conference Participants Only



Saturday, March 28th

8:00am-8:20am – Shuttle Service between the Hotel and Conference

8:30am – 9:00am – Breakfast

9:00am – 10:30am – Panel Session D

D1: Pre-Colonial Technology in Africa

Location – Quadrangle 3.304

Chair: Jamaine Abidogun


Ironworking Technology in Precolonial Africa: Methodology, Innovation, and Decline

Aribidesi Usman, Arizona State University


Science and Technological Inventions among the Yoruba People of

West Africa before Colonialism

Olukayode Segun Eesuola, University of Lagos and

Mobolaji Johnson Ariwayo, Citylight Educational (Nigeria)


Firearms in the Benin Kingdom 1750 – 1897

Osarhieme Benson Osadolor, University of Benin (Nigeria)


Water Treatment and Preservation in Pre-colonial Tiv Society of Central Nigeria

Philip Akpen, University of Abuja (Nigeria)

Precolonial Industrial Complexes in the Central Nigerian Region

Okpeh Okpeh, Benue State University (Nigeria)

D2: The African Environment in Literature

Location – Lone Star Room 3.208

Chair: Brian Doherty


Codifying Environmental Cosmologies and Epistemologies:

Miriam Alves’ Aro Boboi and Niyi Osundare’s Eye of the Earth

Niyi Afolabi, University of Texas at Austin


African Writers on Environmental Degradation and the National Psyche

Ademola Omobewaji Dasylva, University of Ibadan (Nigeria)

Fictionalizing the Crisis of the Environment in Ben Okri’s

The Famished Road and Songs of Enchantment

Kayode Omoniyi Ogunfolabi West Virginia University

The Depiction of the Socio-Psychological Dimensions of the Niger-Delta

Crisis in Recent Nigerian Drama

Alexander Kure, Kaduna State University (Nigeria)

Nature in Human Cultures: Zakes Mda’s The Heart of Redness and The Whale Caller

Marie Chantale Mofin Noussi, University of New Mexico


D3: Representations of the Environment and Science in African Cultures

Location – Texas Governor’s Room 3.116

Chair: Omi Jones


Yoruba Numeral System, Epistemic Root in Ifa Oracular Divination Corpus and the Challenges of Science/Technology

        Nelson O. Fashina, University of Ibadan (Nigeria)

Msonge (The Circular Hut), Symbolic of Africa’s Genius and Europe’s Idea of Primitivism

Akombo D. O. Akombo, Weber State University,

Baruti I. Katembo, Edward Waters College,

Pearl S. Gray, Edward Waters College

George Griffin, Edward Waters College

Reflection on Science-fiction and African’s cinema

Olivier J. Tchouaffe, Southwestern University

The Yoruba Artists’ Commitment to Environment Sustainability and Development

Arinpe Adejumo, University of Ibadan (Nigeria)

Railways in Colonial East Africa: Iconography and Appropriation of a new Technology

Christiane Reichart-Burikukiye, Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen (Germany)

10:45am-12:15pm – Panel Session E


E1: Oil Policy and Politics in Nigeria

Location – Quadrangle 3.304

Chair: Saheed Aderinto

Patience and Protest: Petroleum Consumption in Nigeria, 1960-2000

Ann Genova, Roanoke University


From Oil Rivers to the Niger Delta: The Paradoxes of Domination and Resistance on Nigeria’s Atlantic Sea-Board

Charles Ukeje, Obafemi Awolowo University (Nigeria)


Misguided Oil Policy: Nigeria and the ‘Third Oil Crisis’, 1980-1983

Jason Theriot, University of Houston

The Challenge of Biofuels Development in Africa: An Institutional Analysis and Development (IAD) Perspective

Ogundiran Soumonni, Georgia Institute of Technology

Oil and Environmental Refugees in their Own Homes: Petro-Politics and Environmental Dislocations in the Niger Delta, Nigeria

J. Shola Omotola, Redeemer’s University (Nigeria)

The Illiberal State Oil Expropriation and Environmental Degredation in Nigeria's Niger Delta Region

Dele Ashiru, University of Lagos (Nigeria)


E2: Geopolitics and the Environment

Location – Lone Star Room 3.208

Chair: Roy Doron

The Role of Science and Technology in Development Schemes

Abdullrauf Kamardeen, NTA Ibadan Network Center (Nigeria)

Failed Promises: A Study of the Promotion of Science and Technology in Nigeria

Bukola Adeyemi Oyeniyi, Redeemer’s University (Nigeria)

Ways of knowing the Namib: Changing Modes of Knowledge Production in an Environmental Research Organization

Mark Gardiner, Stanford University


Climate change and Sustainable development in the 21st Century Nigeria

Soji Oyeranmi, Olabisi Onabanjo University (Nigeria)


Making a Global Green Economy: Africa’s Role

Rubin Patterson, University of Toledo

Women’s Perception of Capacity Building in Post Conflict Sierra Leone

Stephen Kandeh, University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma


E3: The Influence of Land Rights and Conflicts on the Environment

Location - Texas Governor’s Room 3.116

Chair: Shadrack Nasongo


The Economy of Accelerated Food Production, Environmental

Degradation and Land Conflicts in Central Nigeria

Mike Odey, Benue University (Nigeria)


Claiming Nature: Pastoralist Ownership and Landscape Ideology

in Colonial Southern Africa

Laura Mitchell, UC Irvine


Modern Slavery”: Securing Land Rights for the Saramaka People of Suriname

Adam Carpinelli, Washington State University

Cattle in British Southern Cameroons: Scientific and Technological Innovations, and Environmental Control, 1916-1960

Emmanuel M. Mbah, City University of New York

Surveying and Interstate Conflict in Limpopo and Mpumalanga during the 19th Century

Lindsay Frederick Braun, Rutgers University


2:00-3:30 pm Panel Session F


F1: Farming Methods and Agriculture

Location – Lone Star Room 3.208

Chair: Emmanuel Mbah


Impact Assessment of Introduced Farming Technology in Nigeria

B.O. Akintunde, Federal College of Agriculture


"[I]legal Adaptations: Local Social-Ecological Responses to the Globalization of Lake Victoria's Nile Perch Fishery"

Jennifer Johnson, University of Michigan

Dreams of agrarian transformation and the hidden costs of labour

Eric Green, Stockholm University

Ecological Roots of Social Conflict in Kenya: Pastoralism, Land, and the Development Paradox

Shadrack Wanjala Nasong’o, Rhodes College, TN

F2: Slums and Urban Poverty

Location – Quadrangle Room 3.304

Chair: Oluyemisi Bamgbose


Growing Slums and Improper Sanitation habits as Impediment to Development in Nigeria

Hauwua Evelyn Yusuf, Kaduna State University

Slums and Dumpsites in Africa: The Making of a Wasteland

Hilary C. Kowino, University of Minnesota Duluth

Increasing Filth in the Face of Government Policies:

Exploring the Possibilities in a Precautionary Approach

Nnenna George-Kalu, Newcastle University and George Kalu, Oxford

Urban Environment in sub-Saharan Africa: Slums as Wife of Life and Coping Behaviour in the Case of the Capital City of Ethiopia-Addis Ababa

Teshager Mersha, St. Mary's University College

Sustainable Design, a Democratic Tool for Social Upliftment

Maria Leus, University of Hasselt

Jolanda Morkel, Cape Peninsula University of Technology

3:45-5:15pm – Panel G

G1: Religion and the Environment

Location – Lone Star Room 3.208

Chair: Ann Albulyeh


Education Transformations and the Role of Traditional Medicine: A Case Study in Nsukka, Nigeria

Jamaine Abidogun, Missouri State University


Western Biomedicine and Colonialism: The Church Missionary Society Medical Mission in the Lake Victoria Basin”

Hannington Ochwada, Missouri State University

Religion Science and Conflict: An Inhibitor to Sustainable Environment for Human and Economic Development

T. T. Asojo and Rev. S.O. Ijaola

Religious Interpretations and Re-Interpretations of the Space and the Environment in Nigeria and its Implications for Interreligious Conflicts

Jacob Kehinde Ayantayo, University of Ibadan (Nigeria)


G2: Culture and Technology

Location – Quadrangle Room 3.304

Chair: Baruti Katembo

Failed Promises: A Study of the Promotion of Science and Technology in Nigeria

Bukola Adeyemi Oyeniyi, Redeemer's University (Nigeria)

Gender, Work and Technology in Rural Africa

Lai Olurode, University of Lagos (Nigeria)


Scientisation and Eurocerization of Knowledge Systems in Africa: A Case of Tanzania, 1893–1929

Elinami V. Swai, University of Toledo

Linguistic Globalization and Europhone Higher Education: The Bearing They Have on Science, Technology and the Environment in Africa

Ann Albuyeh, University of Puerto Rico


Science, Technology and the African Women during (British) Colonization: 1916-1960

Bridget Teboh, University of Massachusetts

G3: Urban Landscapes and the Environment

Location –Texas Governor’s Room 3.116

Chair: Steven Salm

Like Pea-Soup:” The Struggle for Swimming Pools on the

Witwatersrand during the 1950s

Tyler Fleming, University of Texas at Austin


Sustainable Strategies for Housing the Urban Poor: A Case Study of Lagos, Nigeria

Abimbola O. Asojo, University of Oklahoma

Colonial Infrastructures and Environmental Changes in Makurdi, C1927-1960

Philip Akpen, University of Abuja (Nigeria)

A Civilization Without Toilets? –Sanitation and the Environment in the 21st Century Ibadan

Soji Oyeranmi, Olabisi Onabanjo University (Nigeria)

Technological Advancement and Crime Control: A Plus or Minus

Oluyemisi Bamgbose, University of Ibadan (Nigeria)

Sunday, March 29th

8:45am-9:00am – Shuttle Service between the Hotel and Conference

9:00am – 9:15am – Breakfast

9:30am – 11:15am – Panel Session H


H1 Conservation and the African Environment

Location – Lone Star Room 3.208

Chair: Michael Sharp

Politics, Privatization, and Wildlife Conservation in Kenya

Peter D. Little, Emory University


Communal Plantation System in Benin Province 1901-1924: Environmental Conservation or Deforestation

Uyilawa Usuanlele, State University of New York

To recapture paradise: What it will take to restore Kenya’s environment

Pamela Akinyi Wadende, Texas State University-San Marcos

Eric Wayne Wheeler

Why Might a Man Hunt Birds for Whites? Central African Precedents to Scientific Collecting

Nancy Jacobs, Brown University

The role of Indigenous Knowledge in Environmental Conservation in Africa:

The Case of the Abaluyia of Western Kenya

Maurice Amutabi, Central Washington University


H2: Environment and Ethics

Location – Quadrangle Room 3.304

Chair: Charles Ukeje


The African Union, Environment and Security

Indiana Kelechi Godknows, Olabisi Onabanjo University (Nigeria)

Mondern Science and Technology in Conflict with African Environmental Ethics

Segun Ogungbemi, Adekunle Ajasin University (Nigeria)

The State of neem (Azadirachta indica, Juss) in Africa with specific reference to Senegal in meeting the UN Millennium Goals

Doudou D. Faye, Africa Bound Corporation

Challenging Africa's Environmental Crisis: the Ethical Imperative

Ayo Fadahunsi, Olabisi Onabanjo University (Nigeria)

Revisiting the Local Record Industry: the formation of digital collectives in Cameroon

Dennis Rathnaw, University of Texas at Austin


Religion in the Development of Environmental Ethics in Nigeria: Niger Delta in Perspective

T.T. Asojo and Rev. S.O. Ijaola

11:30-12:45 pm – Panel I


I1 Nutrition and Diet

Location – Lone Star Room 3.208

Chair: Uyilaewa Usuanlele

Ecology, Disaster, Food and Nutrition Insecurity in Africa

Emmanuel Chibogu Oseji, Redeemer’s University (Nigeria)

Conflicts, the Environment, Food and Nutrition Insecurity in Africa

Adewale Adeniyi Odulate, Redeemer's University (Nigeria)


Diet in the aetiology and prevention of non-communicable chronic diseases in Africa

C.A. Olarewaju, Adeyemi College of Education


Limitations in the Acceptability of Foreign Developed Soybean Products in Nigeria

T. Y. Tunde-Akintunde, Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (Nigeria)

I2 Urbanization and Environment

Location – Quadrangle Room 3.304

Chair: Barbara Harlow


Living With Filth: The Environmental Impact of Urbanization in Two

Nigerian Cities

Sade Olubukunola Ogunyakinu, Redeemer's University (Nigeria)

Urban liveability in Nigeria – a pilot study of Ago-Iwoye and Ijebu-Igbo in Ogun State

R. A. Asiyanbola; B. A. Raji and A. G. Shaibu, Olabisi Onabanjo University (Nigeria)


Poverty: Street Hawking

Mustapha S. Olatunji, Lagos State College of Education

Waste Management in Contemporary Nigeria: the Abuja Example

Oyelola Morenike Oyekoya, Redeemer's University (Nigeria)



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