Welcome to the ASLonline 1

We are proud to announce that ASLonline1 is now an award winning online tutorial! The Division of Instructional Innovation and Assessment awarded ASLonline1 the Silver Award at the 2009 Innovative Instructional Technology Awards Program. We are thankful to our wonderful team who have contributed to this project over several years.

This site is an initiative of Franky Ramont, a Senior Lecturer in the ASL Program of UT's Department of Linguistics. Additional support and contributions were made by Lisa Bosson and Dr. Richard Meier. We have received assistance from the Center for Instructional Technologies and from Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Services. Our site contains an archive of videos demonstrating basic vocabulary and sentence structure of American Sign Language (ASL). These videos are organized into 12 units, reflecting the structure of our textbook, Signing Naturally (Dawn Sign Press). Within each unit, video clips of signs and sentences are further organized into categories and grammatical information. We hope you enjoy ASLonline. ASL ROCKS!

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