American Politics


This Web site is designed to provide you with computer-based resources to enhance your experience in GOV 310, the introductory American Politics course at the University of Texas at Austin.

Now is a fascinating time to take a course in American government and politics. Big issues such as national security, terrorism, and social security dominate the nation's agenda and the media's coverage of American politics. Supreme Court and other judicial vacancies regularly trigger intense political battles over appointments, as both political elites and the citizenry wrestle over the central role that courts play in shaping the contours of American society. The contested 2000 presidential election stirred concerns over the conduct of elections that continue to provoke debate over the fundamental characteristics of American democracy.

Here you can find information about these and many other issues, ideas, and episodes in American politics. The icons on the left depict each of the modules of material covered on this site. You can navigate the material available by clicking on these icons. Within each module, you will find a set of graphical features (charts, tables, diagrams, photos, and cartoons), audio and video clips, a brief glossary, and Web resources. You can also navigate to a separate UT Web site devoted to instruction about Texas politics by clicking on the Texas Politics icon.