01. Jesus & Historical Inquiry

Introducing the Course

02. From Jesus to Christ

How the Jesus of History became the Christ of Faith

03. Dei Filius

The Jesus of the Catholic Church

04. Jesus Comes to America

New Spain, New France, & New England

05. Father & Son

Jesus, the Puritans, & Their Heirs

06. Jesus & the Enlightenment

07. Solus Jesus

Jesus & the Second Great Awakening

08. Unitarians, Transcendentalists, the Shakers, & Jesus

09. Another Testament of the Christ

Jesus & the Latter-day Saints

10. Reform, Race & the Civil War

Jesus & American Slavery

11. Jesus in Victorian America

12. Jesus & Muscular Christianity

13. Panis Angelicus

Jesus & Nineteenth Century Catholicism

14. The Silent Cinematic Lives of Jesus

15. Jesus in Depression & War, 1914-1915

16. Jesus in the Age of Conformity

The Fifties

17. Jesus in the Age of Revolution

The Sixties

18. Jesus in the Marketplace

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