French Verbs Are Accessible

Conditional Tense-

Part 2: Irregular Verbs-

You probably know how to conjugate regular verbs in the conditional tense. In this module, we will work with irregular verbs. The conditional tense of irregular verbs is formed by adding the imperfect endings to an irregular stem root instead of the infinitive. All verbs that are irregular in the conditional tense are also irregular in the future, and you have probably learned most of them. You may be relieved to know that most verbs, including those that are irregular in other tenses, are completely regular in the conditional.

Following are the most common irregular verbs in the conditional tense along with a list of their irregular stem roots.

Infinitive- English Translation- Example- Irregular Stem-
Aller- to go- J'irais- i r-
Avoir- to have- Tu aurais- a u r-
Courir- to run- Il courrait- c o u r r-
Devoir- to be obliged to, have to- Elle devrait- d e v r-
Envoyer- to send- Nous enverrions- e n v e r r-
Etre- to be- Vous seriez- s e r -
Faire- to do, make- Ils feraient- f e r-
Pleuvoir- to rain- Il pleuvrait- p l e u v r-
Pouvoir- to be able- Je pourrais- p o u r r-
Recevoir- to receive- Tu recevrais- r e c e v r-
Savoir- to know- Elle saurait- s a u r-
Venir- to come- Nous viendrions- v i e n d r-
Voir- to see- Vous verriez- v e r r-
Vouloir- to wish, want- Elles voudraient- v o u d r-

Here are some frequently used irregular verbs in the Conditional and Imperfect tenses. Listen carefully as your screen reader pronounces them, and try to hear the differences between these two tenses.

Infinitive- Conditional- Imperfect-
Aller- J'irais- J'allais-
Avoir- Tu aurais- Tu avais-
Envoyer- Il enverrait- Il envoyait-
Etre- Nous serions- Nous étions-
Faire- Vous feriez- Vous faisiez-
Pouvoir- Ils pourraient- Ils pouvaient-
Savoir- Je saurais- Je savais-
Venir- Tu viendrais- Tu venais-
Vouloir- Elle voudrait- Elle voulait-