French Verbs Are Accessible

Present Tense-

Exercises to Regular E R Verbs-

If you wish, you can open or save these exercises as a Microsoft Word file (you can print them or save them on your computer and edit there).

Exercise 1:-

Conjugate the following verbs in the persons indicated. Be sure to write the subject pronoun for each verb and include the accents where necessary.

Note on special characters and accents: If your computer does not have a numeric key pad, copy the characters you need from the character map, which is typically accessed from the system tools under accessories.

  1. travailler (je)-
  2. habiter (nous)-
  3. étudier (tu)-
  4. chercher (vous)-
  5. manger (il)-
  6. jouer (ils -- pluriel)-
  7. regarder (nous) -
  8. dîner (elle)-
  9. écouter (tu)-
  10. parler (je)-
  11. donner (vous)-
  12. inviter (nous)-
  13. rencontrer (elles -- pluriel)-
  14. nager (il)-
  15. rester (on)-
  16. déjeuner (je)-
  17. voyager (on)-
  18. aimer (je) -
  19. rentrer (elle)-
  20. cuisiner (ils -- pluriel)-

Exercise 2:-

Mettez les verbes suivants au pluriel.

1. Tu déjeunes.

2. Elle habite.

3. Tu travailles.

4. Je rentre.

5. Il étudie.

Exercise 3:-

Mettez les verbes suivants au singulier.

1. Nous étudions.

2. Vous regardez.

3. Nous rencontrons.

4. Ils déjeunent.

5. Vous invitez.