French Verbs Are Accessible

Present Tense-

Regular R E Verbs-

We will now learn to conjugate in the present tense several French verbs whose infinitives end with the letters R E.   Some examples include: attendre (to wait for), entendre (to hear), vendre (to sell), répondre (to answer), perdre (to lose), descendre (to go down), défendre (to defend, forbid, prohibit), confondre (to mix up, confuse), rendre (to give back), and tondre (to mow the lawn).

Here are the R E verb endings that correspond to each French subject pronoun.

Subject Pronouns- R E Verb Endings-
je S
tu S
il, elle, on Nothing Added
nous O N S
vous E Z
ils, elles E N T

Here is the verb entendre conjugated in the present tense:

Entendre- English Translation-
j'entends I hear
tu entends you (familiar) hear
il, elle, on entend he, she, one hears
nous entendons we hear
vous entendez you hear
ils, elles entendent they hear

Be sure to notice that the letter d at the end of the stem is pronounced only in the plural forms. Also, there is no ending added to the third-person singular ( il, elle, on) stem.