It's got to be for the tourists, right? Scorpion on the stick, which Ashley has no problem eating, has got to be for the effect, because how good could it possibly be? It falls under Environment, because of the physical nature of things. Truth told, Chinese do like the texture of foods, where Americans focus on taste and are less open to texture.



This is a great photo.  Overall I was very impressed with the group and everyone's willingness to try new foods that we were presented with.  From Black Fungus to Duck Liver, most people tried the food, even though it was less than delicious.  Nice work Bristol!! 

Five Senses

We also saw an example of this in Tianjin when we were served goose liver that was unappealing asthetically...in fact it "looked" pretty different from any liver I have seen in any other country.  The focus was on texture and taste, far from the look of it!

I'll never forget that

I'll never forget that moment!  I will forever be proud to say that I ate a scorpion in China.  Surprisingly though, it really does taste like chicken!