Accessibility Information

The audiotexts are Flash movies (pl#.swf). To use the audiotext with a screen reader such as JAWS or Window Eyes, you will have to use Internet Explorer with Flash Player 8 or above.

At the bottom of this page are two hyperlinks for each audiotext. The first loads the audiotext in the current browser window, and the second uses JavaScript to load it in a pop-up window. We have provided this option because your screen reader may not handle pop-up and browser windows in the same manner. Unlike on the launch page, here the audiotexts are embedded in html code to ensure that your screen reader detects them.

Most of the keyboard commands specified in the audiotext will be overridden by your screen reader. Therefore we have added the following special keyboard shortcuts:

  • CTRL + 1 = go to play button
  • CTRL + 2 = go to start line/page search input box
  • CTRL + 3 = go to stop line/line search input box
  • CTRL + 4 = go to stop button
  • CTRL + 5 = go to pause button (Book 9); go to reset button (Books 1 & 2)
  • CTRL + 6 = go to mode button
  • CTRL + 7 = go to intro button
  • CTRL + 8 = go to previous page button
  • CTRL + 9 = go to next page button
  • CTRL + 0 = go to pause button (Books 1 & 2)