Teaching Suggestions

This course is designed for students in nursing who want to learn basic phrases in Spanish as related to their daily activities. The course activies are divided into two major sections: First, basic language skills that are taught using the textbook, “An Introduction to Spanish for Health Care Workers;” Second, the memorization of dialogues related to specific nursing tasks (e.g., assessing medical history, assessing health risks, teaching breast self exams, making appointments, etc.). This course is not a Spanish language class per se, but is designed to teach nursing students how to do specific tasks in Spanish. As such, there is no specific Spanish prerequisite to be enrolled in this course. All non-native speakers of Spanish at any level are encouraged to enroll in this course. Students who are interested in acquiring Spanish language in general are invited to enroll in traditional Spanish courses.

What follows are some items to assist in preparing and teaching this course:


Sample Syllabus

(This syllabus shows a sample of how the activities are presented during the course and how points and assignments are graded.)

Sample Medical Spanish Pass-off Sheet

(Students are required to orally demonstrate proficiency in the items on the pass-off sheet to their instructor. It is the student's responsibility to decide how he or she will demonstrate proficiency.)

Sample Bibliography of Related Textbooks

(These resources are for student and instructor information, but are not used specifically as part of the course.)