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Appendix to the Nomography

Jeremy Bentham

A fair amount of this appendix duplicates material found elsewhere, as, for example, in the Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation. What is of interest here, I think, is that Bentham has extended or modified the analysis of several of the classifications drawn from his other works. For example, he adds a fifth sanction, that of sympathy, to list of four from Chapter 3 of the IPML, viz., the physical, moral, religious, and political sanctions. A second example is the expansion of the ``consequences of a mischevious act'' from the primary and secondary consequences discussed in Chapter 12 of the IPML, to a possible tertiary consquence, and an analysis of effects of various orders of consequences of an act of public reward.

A Note on the Text

This text was digitized from Volume III of the 1843 Bowring edition of Bentham's works. The Nomography and its appendix wer published by Bowring from manuscripts by Bentham dating from 1811--1831. The appendix appears to come from manuscripts of 1814 (given what Bowring says in a footnote at the end.)

The Text

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