A Table of the Springs of Action

Jeremy Bentham

—of Sympathy.
Corresponding Interest, Interest of the HEART: viz. more or less expanded, expansive, comprehensive—
in proportion to the
Number of the Persons whose Welfare is the object of the Desire.
Corresponding MOTIVES—with Names,

 —I. Neutral: viz.

I. —Towards this or that determinate INDIVIDUAL—

1. Sympathy.
2. Fellow-feeling.
3. Good-will.
4. Friendship.


5. Personal attachment, affection, regard, kindness, tenderness, fondness.

II.—Towards this or that DOMESTIC, or other comparatively PRIVATE Circle—
1. Family, domestic, parental, social attachment, &c.—as above.

III.—Towards the POLITICAL Community at large—
1. National attachment.
2. National zeal.

IV.—Towards MANKIND at large—
1. Sympathy, fellow-feeling, good-will, regard, kindness—for or towards—mankind, the human species, the race of men, &c.—in general.

 —II. Eulogistic: viz.

(Mostly names of permanent moral qualities—)

I.—Towards this or that INDIVIDUAL—

1. Kindness.
2. Good-nature.
3. Amieableness.
4. Complacency.
5. Benignity.
6. Tenderness.
7. Loving-kindness.


8. Affability.
9. Courteousness.
10. Urbanity.


11. Pity.
12. Compassion.
13. Commiseration.
14. Charity.


15. Mercy.
16. Clemency.
17. Long-suffering.
18. Forbearance.
19. Humanity.


20. Kindheartedness.
21. Tenderheartedness
22. Goodness of heart.


23. Gratitude.

II.—Towards this or that comparatively PRIVATE Circle—no otherwise than as above.

—II. Eulogistic continued:

III.—Towards the POLITICAL Community, or Nation, at large—
1. Patriotism.
2. Public spirit.
3. Public zeal.
4. Love of country.

IV.—Towards MANKIND at large
1. Philanthropy.
2. General, universal, all-embracing, all-comprehensive—benevolence, beneficence, kindness, &c. (See Cols. 1. & 2 .)

—III. Dyslogistic: viz.

I.—Towards this or that INDIVIDUAL—

1. Partiality.
2. Favouritism.
3. Partial attachment, &c.—(See Cols. 1. and 2.)

II.—Towards this or that comparatively PRIVATE Circle—
1. Family partiality.


2. Party attachment, favour, affection, prejudice, prepossession, zeal, spirit, rage, madness.
3. Spirit of faction.
4. Corporation spirit.

III.—Towards the POLITICAL Community at large.
1. Nationality.


2. National partiality, prejudice, prepossession.

IV.—Towards MANKIND at large—


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