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Center for Black Business History, Entrepreneurship and Technology



As funds become available, the Center will offer both predoctoral and postdoctoral fellowships to encourage the study of all aspects of black business activity.

Each year a research project on an aspect of Black Business will be selected,
providing the basis for the awarding of fellowships to scholars in several disciplines.


  • To investigate the economics, culture and social setting of individual industries to identify how blacks can tap into those industries, developing case studies of those industries in which blacks have had some success, e.g. automobile industry, where blacks tapped into the auto parts manufacturing sector.
  • To research the impact of the new technology on black business as well as study black businesses in the high-tech industries Comparative Study of blacks and minority businesses.
  • To research the investment industry, white and black and its relation to black investors, assessing cultural factors in the black community as well as income, wealth and other socio-economic factors.
  • To research black employment in White Corporate America
  • To research the assault on Black Corporate America
  • To research American Advertising to assess how black business can use advertising to attract not only black but all American consumers.
  • To research the international Business picture as it impacts on Black Business.
  • To Compare and Contrast African and Black Business activity
  • To examine Small Black Businesses
  • To EXAMINE Changing Urban Picture and Black Business
  • To EXAMINE Black entrepreneurship in Entertainment and Sports industries
    Black Business and Philanthrophy